In you I shall find all

Alights from the chariot of Light,

Dressed in Garments that dazzle,

Bestowing peace and surround in serenity,

The sorrows dissolve in thee,

The calmness explodes and fears absolved.

Spreading the radiance in which

The long entrenched darkness absorbed.

Freedom dawns…

The chained mind breaks away

No boundaries enclose the true being,

When you descend on me

The real me rises

Awaken from a never ending slumber.

Leave me not in engulfed in the dreams

That I may walk away from thee

Forge a bond and pull me closer

 For I belong to none but you  

 For In you I shall find all.


The lull before the storm


Did you hear that stomach rumble of hunger…

The rumble growing to a thunder…..

Thunder that drowns every other sound

Listen… head to it.

What  stamped as downtrodden and lowly being

May be soon slithering up the throne

To spew the venom


The sounds of churning…..

Halahal ready to be brewed .

And no Shiva in sight to drink it.

The parched throats have waited for long

Quench them before they may seek the blood

Minds need to be chiseled

Achievers may be carved out.

Or they may develop the edges

Sharp to inflict the wounds.

Arise, and act to avert the storm that comes

Damn it path with the boulders of some action

(Action, a rare commodity these days)  

Mitigate it with tremendous desire to serve.

For the hand that rules should be the hand that feeds.


Where Love Leads?

This morning (like all others) world will wake up to raise the toast to it.
I embark upon a journey to know it yet.
That so pristine feeling that fills the heart,
Yet leaves some void,
I dare not step in that uncharted land,
You pull me in, with an unknown might.
Shall I succumb to it?
Mystery lures me and reason fails
Fortress crumbles, and the defenses gone.
(Who cares, the smile says)
Thoughts sucked out, blank mind remains,
Fill it afresh, clean slate awaits to be chalked
Heaven or hell, it’s a new world,
Will take some time to come out
Of this tricky maze you lead me in.
Alone I will be lost forever.
So leave me out or make it to the end
For once lost is lost forever.