Where Love Leads?

This morning (like all others) world will wake up to raise the toast to it.
I embark upon a journey to know it yet.
That so pristine feeling that fills the heart,
Yet leaves some void,
I dare not step in that uncharted land,
You pull me in, with an unknown might.
Shall I succumb to it?
Mystery lures me and reason fails
Fortress crumbles, and the defenses gone.
(Who cares, the smile says)
Thoughts sucked out, blank mind remains,
Fill it afresh, clean slate awaits to be chalked
Heaven or hell, it’s a new world,
Will take some time to come out
Of this tricky maze you lead me in.
Alone I will be lost forever.
So leave me out or make it to the end
For once lost is lost forever.


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