To the Himalayas


Oh! the mighty one.
The bosom of the mother earth.
Adorned in pristine snow.
That shines like sheet of jewels
Bestowed liberally over you.
The nourishing stream that ooze out.
For ages cradle the life beneath
You haughtily stand, the sole guard.
The chosen dwelling of the Gods.
Habitat of the Yogis.
Numerous mysteries enfolded in your lap.
Older than the old yet newer than the new,
Inviting to be explored yet un-submissive.
Garlanded by the serpentine roads.
Camouflaged in the wealth of green
You bestow the boons to the man.
Yet they seem to challenge you.
Engage you in a mindless war.
Where whoever looses
Defeat is ours.


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